Golden Mile Funding Provides Businesses with capital for any use from $5,000 – $500,000 within 72 hours of approval. No personal collateral needed.


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Does not impact credit


FAST Funding Platform

Fastest Funding Available
No Personal Collateral Needed
Revenue Based
Imperfect Credit Accepted
Funds in as little as 72 Hours!

Small Business Loans

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Equipment Financing

Lease / Purchase Programs

Up to $250,000 With Just an Application

 Serving ALL Industries!

Invoice Financing

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Based on the company who OWES you, not on your business credit.

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What’s been new with GMF?

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$200,000.00 to a PA Construction Company

Success story out of Northern Pennsylvania - Funding $200,000 to be used as a bridge loan - The cash needed to handle projects in 72 Hours, and a discount for paying them off when our traditional loan closes!

Boston IT Contractor finances new bucket truck

All we needed for this one was our onepage application, and an invoice from the dealer who was selling the truck - That was it!

Pennsylvania Manfacturer Finances $200,000 worth of equipment with no financials!

Our Equipment Lease / Purchase programs are getting better all the time! We were happy to help this family owned business make the needed expansions and upgrades - more importantly we are happy to stay in touch with them and continue offering unbiased, transparent, advice.

$22,000 to a Screen Printer out of Texas!

This Fast Funding Program Deal was submitted on a Monday, the funding call and disbersal was done on a Wednesday! Minimal closing documents for deals under $150,000.00

Multi - Location Texas Physical Rehabilitation Company - $225,000

Six Locations, all with insurance payments due and a need to buy equipment to outfit yet another location. This was the fastest to the dollar play - Golden Mile will now work with him to pay off that position when the time is right at a discount and then continue pursuing the most effective programs!

Florida Based Trucking Company Leases 3 Trucks

This Freight and Logistic organization was looking to grow but had an issue due to a mortage dispute on an investment property 6 years ago (seriously) - We were able to get them up and running in a matter of days and continue a strong relationship!

IT Consulting Firm out of New York - $150,000

Great clients to work with - manufacture and design their own systems that help other businesses stay organized and productive, $150,000 without any collateral funded FAST to our neighbors just north!

High Volume Coffee Shop with $65,000.00

This business owner qualified for our premier program and will be paying back over 5 years on a traditional monthly payment!

Securty System Installation out of Mississippi - $40,000

This working capital loan was to provide short term support as orders continued to come in and outpass the accounts recievables -Looking into Invoice Factoring as step 2!

Northeastern PA Auto Repair - $35,000

We were able to overcome some serious issues on this deal - because the cash flow was strong. Cashflow matters to us more than credit or collateral - that's why the approval rate is much higher!

Home Based Day Care Center out of Florida!

$30,000 on a credit card split program for this traditionally "High Risk" Industry! No switching processors, no hassle!

$75,000 to Ohio Based Insurance Sales Operation

This unbranded independant agency focuses on personal auto, homeowner, and Life Insurance Coverages. As they were growing they needed to sign a lease at a larger location, and staff that location - The bank wasn't able to help, but we did, and we did it within a week!

Convenience Store in Washington State

$25,000.00 for purchase power on severely discounted inventory! Start to finish in just 48 Hours upon signed contracts!

Northeastern Pennsylvania Pizzaria

Equipment Finance for a new Walk-in Cooler! The balance sheet identified additional savings in Insurance Coverage and things are running a lot smoother.

Texas Based Property Management Group

We were able to secure a quick and easy $70,000.00 so they could expand and take on more accounts!

Types of Businesses GMF Funds:


Basic Qualification:

Golden Mile Funding serves existing businesses that has been in operation for at least One Year, and deposits a minimum of $10,000.00 per month into a business bank account.


From Healthcare, to Breweries and everything in between; GMF will work with a business as long as it is showing it has the proper revenue. We are able to work with many large scale companies that would usually be considered “restricted” – or high risk.

Locations Served:

Golden Mile Funding offers funding options to businesses in all fifty states of the USA. Be it a factory, or a homebased business, we are fully functional in the entire country.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Help Me Start a Business?
NO. Golden Mile Funding does not offer funding for Start Ups, You must be in business for at least 6 Months, and have an operational, established, business bank account.
How Easy Are Approvals?
If you’ve been in business for one year, and deposit on average no less than $10,000.00/month average into a business bank account – PreApproval could be given moments after submission.
How Fast Are Funds Received?
If you apply right now – and have your documents together, you could have money into your business bank account in 48 hours.
Will Applying Hurt My Credit?

The Pre-Approval process is Risk Free, and will NOT affect your credit.

Is There a Pre-Pay Penalty?

There is no Pre-Pay Penalties – In fact, many offers include a Discount for paying early. Many borrowers take advantage of this when seeking Bridge financing.

What if I Already Have a Loan or an Advance?

Having an existing Small Business Loan or Merchant Cash Advance is no problem, we will show you all available options. If you’d like to refinance the existing loan, be sure to have the balance available. We very often put together plans to put your business in a better position!

Do You Work with Businesses in All 50 States?


Do I Need to Accept Credit Cards?

No! Credit Card Processing is NOT a Requirement to do business with Golden Mile Funding! Many of our clients don’t accept cards at all.

How Do I Get Started?

Apply NOW by completing the application online, or give us a call at 888-971-1929.

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